Version 2.75 (2021-10-05)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes, and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Elasticsearch upgrade to version 5.6

As a part of Managed IoT Cloud release 2.75, the Elasticsearch database clusters will be upgraded from version 5.5 to version 5.6. We do not expect the upgrade to introduce any breaking changes for our customers but kindly recommend that customers wo are executing bespoke queries using the Observation API FIND, Thing Management API FIND, or Event API FIND actions review the Elasticsearch release notes and reach out to us in case of any questions or concerns.

Leveraging 3 Availability Zones for Elasticsearch data storage

In our continuous work to improve the overall quality, stability, and resiliency of Managed IoT Cloud, we have during the last weeks further improved the redundancy of the Elasticsearch data storage for all customers. We are now using all three Availability Zones in an AWS Region for the Elasticsearch cluster configuration, and data is stored redundantly in at least two different Availability Zones. This minimizes the risk of data loss and provides a fast recovery should anything happen to a specific part of the cluster.

The Managed IoT Cloud Product Specification has been updated to reflect this.

Domain and resource drop downs in App Board can list entries outside the users home domain

In scenarios where users are granted access to parallel Domain trees, the App Board drop-downs for Domains and Resources previously did not list all entries the user had access to. Full support for permissions models including parallel Domain trees are now implemented for both Domain and Resource drop-downs.

Improvements to the Search API

Several improvements have been implemented in the Search API.

  • Enhanced support for search terms with leading numbers
  • Underscores are no longer treated as separators, but instead just like any other character when used in a search term
  • Searches for the domain path will list child domains matching the relevant search term, e.g. the search term “root/alpha” will return both “root/alpha” and “root/alpha/beta”
  • Result sets no longer include irrelevant results

Harmonized Privilege Object names in Backend and App Board

Fixed minor discrepancies in the Privilege Object names between the APIs and App Board. The correct set of Privilege Object names is documented here

The Thing Type Lock Mappings option is standardized

In the past, the Thing Type option lockMappings TRUE|FALSE has been defaulting to FALSE, resulting in a behavior where Resource data types are set based on the first incoming observation for the Resource in a new month. With lockMappings set to TRUE on the other hand, the data types for existing Resources are instead copied from the previous month.

The latter is a strongly preferred algorithm, hence why it is now applied as the standard behavior for all Thing Types. However, the option in the relevant APIs are left intact (but depreciated, with no effect) to safeguard backward compatibility. Please see the documentation for further details.

Permissions updates

With the above improvements, two of the items in the known limitations list have been solved and removed from the list. They are described below as they used to read in the Permissions Guide.

  • The Search API is not fully compliant with Permissions and cannot filter on the domain path.
  • In App Board, the drop down components does not return the domains to which the user has been given access by cross-domain access.

Documentation on Permissions

Further Permissions capabilities will be added

Permissions will be extended with more capabilities over time, both by tackling known limitations and adding new capabilities. Please get in touch should you miss any specific capability.

Minor improvements and corrections

  • Improved routines for sending large number of emails have been deployed to all instances
  • Fixed issue with the Rules LIST action not returning all Rules in Domain structures parallel to the Users Home Domain for which the User had read access
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to delete a Thing Type even if one or more Rules were referencing the Thing Type
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to delete a Domain even if one or more Rules were referencing the Domain
  • Fixed issue with Domain GET/LIST displaying the parent Domain ID when the user was not privileged to see it
  • Increased the maximum length of a user name in App Board from 30 to 128 characters (in line with the User API)
  • Fixed delete action for several multi-selected users in App Board.
  • Fixed issue with misaligned rendering of slider in App Board’s Create New Dashboard-dialogue
  • Fixed rendering of dates in Table Aggregation Dashboard Widget