Version 2.0.4 (2016-04-26)


Settable Widgets

Functionality to set the value of a resource has been added for all Thing dashboard widgets.

In edit mode, a widget can be marked as a settable widget. When a widget has been configured as settable, the user can send a value (either entered in text field or selected from a drop down) to a specific Thing resource. If the Thing is not connected to the Cloud when a user sets the value, the platform will persist the new value and send it to the Thing once it comes online, unless the user cancels the operation in the meantime.

Online status

In the Thing list, the online status of each Thing is now indicated. A green cloud symbol is used to indicate that a Thing is online, and a grey cloud icon indicates that a Thing is currently offline.

Thing and Cloud API (incl. documentation)

Version 2.0.4 includes a Cloud API and a Thing API.

The Cloud API is a REST API that exposes application meta data, stored observation data, and related functionality. The areas covered by the Cloud API are:

  • Auth API
    The Auth API (AuthLambda) is used to authenticate users and let new users sign up.
  • Domain API
    The Domain API (DomainLambda) is used to manage domains. The domains are represented as a tree and the use can be restricted to only see part of the domain tree and that applies to all actions.
  • File API
    The File API (FileLambda) is used to manage files in the system.
  • Observation API
    The Observation API (ObservationLambda) is used to manage observations.
  • Thing Management API
    The Thing Management API (ThingLambda) is used to manage Things and Thing certificates.
  • Thing Batch API
    The Thing Batch API (ThingBatchLambda) is used to manage batches of Things.
  • Thing Event API
    The Thing event service lives in front of the MQTT broker and controls access to real-time events for Things, according to the domain model and user role. It allows authenticated clients to publish and subscribe on MQTT topics for all Things that the user account has access to. Publishing and subscribing is very similar to how it would work against the actual MQTT broker, however the communication with the client is implemented using a channel.
  • Thing Type API
    The Thing Type API (ThingTypeLambda) is used to manage Thing Types.
  • User API
    The User API (UserLambda) is used to manage users and user profiles.

The Thing API is a MQTT API, which can be used for message based communication with the Cloud Connect platform.

Pie-chart histogram widget for Thing Type

A new type of widget, the pie chart histogram widget, is available for use in Thing Type dashboards. This widget visualizes aggregate histogram data for all Things of a certain Thing Type, e.g. the number of Things with a reading between 0-10, the number of Things with a reading between 10-20, etc.

Map for all Things of a specific Thing Type

A new map widget is available in the Thing Type dashboard. The new map widget provides a geospatial representation that includes all the Things of a certain Thing Type.

Thing files widget

A new widget for managing files related to individual Things is available for the Thing dashboard.

Changed port for live updates

The port used by the platform to send live data to a dashboard has been updated to prevent issues with certain firewall configurations.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • A new format for urls in the App Board
  • Enhanced look and feel of the App Board GUI
  • Improved copy text and user messages
  • Fixed problems with the login dialogue and session handling