Version 2.80 (2022-02-08)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes, and Getting Started Guides, are available online:

Minor improvements and corrections

  • Fixed a bug causing domain dropdown in AppBoard to in certain cases not show all domains.

  • Added functionality to let search results reflect added and removed domains without having to reload the page.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented adding a pie chart histogram to a thing type dashboard

  • The rule action Webhook now includes the tcxn namespace of the payload convention in state-, metadata- and observation-properties where appropriate

  • When creating a rule with an email action, using a single email does not trigger an error

  • Improved the resiliency of the billing data generated.

  • Fixed a bug whereby multiple certificates could be unintentionally downloaded for things with similar names

  • Improved environments for testing and deploying of new IoT Gateway versions