Version 2.38 (2019-03-12)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Conditional coloring of Gauge widget in App Board

With the new release, it is possible to control the color of the Gauge widget using a banded-criteria, e.g. 0-33=Green, 33-66=Yellow, and 66-100=Red.

The configuration is accessed in the settings dialogue for any Gauge widget.

Advanced permissions (beta)

Continued work with advanced permissions, including user interfaces and APIs. For details, please see the documentation at

In release 2.38, new privileges for Permissions, Thing Types, Thing Groups, and Thing Jobs has been added.

GraphQL (beta) – New endpoints and conclusion of beta period

GraphQL endpoints for System Management and Users has been added, please see the GraphQL documentation for details.

With this, the beta period for the GraphQL API is soon to be concluded, and the first production release is planned after next sprint.

Several Customers and Partners have kindly tried out the APIs and contributed much appreciated feedback that has been incorporated in the API design with this release. Thanks!

Minor improvements and corrections

  • Serialization of outbound SMS messages to make it possible to send large volumes of rule-based SMS messages even if the SMSC limits concurrency.
  • Harmonized validation in App Board and platform with regards to preventing domain names including slashes (“/”).
  • Updated documentation to reflect proper terminology for Nested Payloads and Nested Resources
  • New backend data structures for the App Boards view modes have been implemented, resulting in performance gains in this release, and setting the scene for functional additions in future releases.
  • Fixed issue that disabled rules where only visible to root-level users.
  • Fixed issue with the parameter “Protocol” not being properly reflecting the Thing edit dialogue in App Board.
  • Fixed issue with time zone support for timestamps in the GraphQL API and in App Board.
  • The parameter “IdentityId” is no longer required as an authorization header, and if used, it will not have any effect.