Version 2.30 (2018-08-30)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Device Management enhancements

Device Management sees major additions related to management of jobs. 5 new actions are available

  • Add new targets for an existing job.
  • Get job document for a uploaded job.
  • Get a job execution status for a thing in a job.
  • Cancel a job execution for a thing in a job.
  • Delete a job execution for a thing in a job.

The new functionality is available through the Cloud API. It will be enabled in App Board in coming releases.

Permissions API enhancements

In this release the Permission object is introduced. It holds all permissions for a user. This is the foundation for the more granual permission model which will be introduced in coming releases.

Furthermore, two new endpoints are introduced

  • REMOVE_ROLE removes all privileges of a role and removes all users from that role.
  • LIST_ROLE_USERS lists all users for a specific role.

Widgets improvements: Custom decimal formatting

Custom decimal formatting of the observation value is now enabled in the Value, Gauge and Dynamic widgets. You select the number of desired decimals in the widget edit dialog. Please note that the value is truncated, not rounded.

Rules improcements: TCXN convention resources enabled in rules

We now support TCXN payload convention resources in Rules, both in triggering criteria and formulas. It is now released for use through the Cloud API. App Board will get this support in coming releases. Please note that it is not possible to set the value of a TCXN resource.

HTTPS Proxy enhancement: Extended sessions

It is now possible to extend a http/https proxy session by calling the proxy control server and specifying the extended time.

TCP proxy over MQTT enhancement:

When setting up a TCP Proxy session you can now specify the time to wait for the first connect attempt. This enables adaption to various applications or systems connecting to the Proxy. The parameter is optional and if not specified the default value will be used.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Updated File API to, when deleting a file, enable selection whether to delete only the latest version of the file, or all versions. This feature will not be enabled in App Board, but from there all versions will always be deleted.
  • View modes are now sorted in alphabetical order.
  • The resource picker in Analyze now sorts the resources in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed issue with API Gateway returning bad messages under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with create job under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with error handling in Thing data ingestion indexing.
  • Fixed issue to ensure it is not possible to move a domain so that things are outside of their thing types accessible domains.
  • Fixed issue with Rule edit displaying incorrect Thing Type information under certain circumstances.
  • We now prohibit using dash (-) in thingName when creating things through the Cloud API.
  • Fixed issue with backdated observations updating the Thing shadow and therefore possibly triggering rules.
  • Fixed issue with error text being hidden by the button on the “Trouble signing in" page.
  • Nested resources (former sub things) are now enabled in Analyze.
  • Fixed issue with “Last heard from” not handling tcxn resources correctly in All Things dashboard.
  • Fixed issue with a created thing not automatically showing up in the thing list, but a refresh was needed.
  • Fixed issue with virtual resource not being used when updating the resource value, but a new resource was created.
  • Improved error message when trying to replace certificate for a Networked Thing.
  • When namning a Networked Thing, a user friendly message is added informing on allowed characters.
  • Fixed issue with parent (Gateway to Networked Thing) icon not being displayed under certain circumstances.
  • Added redirect if getSgnedUrl is used with a deprecated path format.