Version 2.13 (2017-05-08)

Breaking changes

Please note that this release contains breaking changes as described below. If any of the changes causes problems for you, please contact us to find a solution.


Improved handling of resource schema

When a thing report a new resource (based on the resource name) for the first time, the resource schema is automatically updated. The resource schema holds all resources and their corresponding data types (integer, float, string) for the thing type. Hence, the resource schema is now dynamically adjusted to stay aligned with the reported resources over time. Please note that resources (and their data) are never deleted from the resource schema.

Changes in the resource schema is also pushed through an API to App Board to ensure a good user experience. In App Board this can be seen by new widgets appearing in real time in the default dashboard, and similarly, resources in select boxes are updated without requiring a page reload.

Improved documentation

All documentation, including Release Notes, API Specs and code examples have been moved from PDF-documents to The structure of the documentation has also been changed. This is the first step of improving the documentation and to make it easy accessible for developers, partners and customer. Coming steps will involve adding more code examples and guides, in addition to the continuous evolvement as Cloud Connect is developed further.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Increased test coverage of automated end-to-end tests.
  • Improved handling of MQTT topics that can be used with AWS Cognito Credentials. This API replaces the Thing Event API and is now called Thing Update API.
  • Clarification of domain tree depth: A domain tree can have a maximum of 7 levels, including the root.

Breaking changes

Domain API

  • The length of the id of a domain is now validated to make sure it’s never longer than 36 characters.

Thing Update API

  • The topics thing-update-accepted, thing-update-rejected and thing-update-documents have been removed. This change we are not happy with but necesary to make in order to stay within hard limits set by AWS. Hopefully the remaining topics thing-update and thing-update-delta will provide enough information for you.
  • If you want to publish a lot of observations quickly and don’t want to use the tcxn/things/<thingname>/shadow/backdate topic you can now include the parameter preventMessageRepublish to prevent the message from being republished through the Thing Update API. This parameter existed before as iotRepublished and some customers use it even though it was never part of the official API.

Thing Type API

  • Attribute viewMode have been removed from the documentation since it was never intended for public use.
  • Attribute resources have been removed. If you use this please contact us.