Version 2.29 (2018-06-27)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Networked Things

In addition to the existing Sub Things, which can be seen as a way of nesting the payload or resources reported from a Thing, we now introduce a new concept called Networked Things. Networked Things are Things that connect to the MIC platform through any kind of gateway which acts as a local authorizer. The gateway holds the MIC certificate and credentials and are responsible for all Things connected to it (Networked Things). A Networked Thing gets an own Thing Shadow in MIC and is therefore, in the view of the MIC platform, seen and treated as any normal Thing, including API and App Board. The only difference is that it doesn´t have a certificate. A Networked Thing will have a reference to its gateway and vice versa. Device Management for Networked Things will need extra efforts since it needs to be managed through the gateway.

API and App Board is supporting Networked Things since it is considered a normal Thing, but some additional information will be available:

  • In Thing lists an icon will notify if it is a Networked Thing and likewise the gateway will have an icon indicating that.
  • In the Thing Dashboard for the Gateway there will be a drop down menu which gives you quick access to all its Networked Things

Networked Things can be created either on the fly by the Gateway when it reports the Networked Thing and its resources, or manually through the API or App Board.

More details are available in the online MIC documentation.

NOTE! A networked Thing will be considered a Thing also in terms of MIC Subscriptions, meaning that e.g. a Thing (gateway) with four Networked Things will be considered as five MIC Subscriptions.

Device Management improvement

To the Device Management functionality we have now added support for deleting cancelled jobs through the Thing Jobs API


Since release 2.11 Telenor Connexion offer “nodes” for connecting Managed IoT Cloud to Node-RED (

With the current release, these nodes have been updated to work with the REST API. The nodes have also been published in the library.

Simplified definition of “point-of-interest” geo-fence rules

In addition to geo-fences based on three or more coordinates and the lines connecting these, an alternative mechanism for defining circular geographical areas have been introduced.

With the “point of interest” geo-fence definition, a circular geo-fence can be defined with one coordinate and a radius. This functionality was introduced in the Cloud API in version 2.26 and in this version 2.29 we now enable it in App Board too.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Fixed issue with observations being queued under certain circumstances.
  • Limited the flexibility in relation to creating and moving Things. It is no longer possible to create Thing in, or move Thing to domains where the Thing Type of the Thing does not exist, i.e. move the Thing to sister domains or domains above to where the Thing Type exists.
  • Removed automatic conversion from hexadecimal to decimal values at dashboard rendering for String resources.
  • Fixed issue with users being unable to create rules for Thing Types in parent domains.