Version 2.68 (2021-04-13)

Important notices

The Cloud API will be removed 30 April 2021

In late October 2020, we announced that the Cloud API and all its endpoints will be removed by 30 April 2021. Please review your code to ensure you are not using the Cloud API. Kindly use Cloud REST API and Graph QL API instead.

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes, and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


In this release no new features are included.

Minor improvements and corrections

Minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Update to the rule list page in App Board: The switch enable/disable a rule is now not displayed for rules that the user only have read access to.
  • Fixed issue with rule edit: If an error occurred during editing, the rule was left in disabled state.
  • Fixed issue with usernames containing Swedish letters (åÅäÄöÖ) not being possible to retrieve through the REST API.
  • Fixed issue with the Event find API endpoint not authorizing correctly with Events.READ Privilege.
  • Fixed issue with rule update authorization under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue when listing all files accessible to the user.
  • Fixed issue in input validation related to IoT Gateway devices for create batch endpoint.
  • Fixed issue with sign-up emails under certain circumstances.