Version 2.43 (2019-06-18)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Data Export - Adding jobs detail view

In this release we add a detail view for a job. In App Board under Settings/Data Export, click on the export job name to see the detail view for this job, including the schedule setting, selected Things and resources. In this view, you can also delete the job. Please note that deleting a job will also delete all its associated executions (files), so please make sure to save all files you want to keep before deleting the job.

The App Board supports definition of the most commonly used schedules. More complex scheduling criteria can be defined using the API, and if this option is used, the schedule in the job detail view will be displayed in the API syntax (AWS cron expressions), as explained here

Improved UX in App Board

  • The Set resource dialog box now more clearly shows reported value and the desired value you are about to set. The reject set resource dialog box have similar improvements.
  • Setting of a resource is now available in the resource overview widget by clicking the Set button to the right in the table. As before, the resource can also be set from the single resource widgets.
  • The resource overview widget has also been enriched with +WIDGET buttons to the right in the table in order to speed creation of new widgets for the resources.
  • Rules list now have delete buttons to the right instead of checkboxes.

Thing API - Added Identified signed URL call

The GetIdentifiedSignedURL API call is an addition to the existing GetSignedURL. The new call allows you to specify an ID together with your request. This can be used to ensure identity of the signed URL request when making several requests almost simultaneously.

Minor improvements and corrections

Minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Fixed validation issue in the Thing Simulator in App Board
  • Improved ordering of very frequent, time stamped, MQTT messages (several messages within 1/10 of a second) containing updates for the same resource.