Version 2.5 (2016-10-26)


All Things Dashboard

The All Things List View has evolved into the All Things Dashboard, giving you a Dashboard overview with all your things in one view, regardless of Thing Type. The Dashboard has four widgets; Map, List, Events and Credentials. The dashboard can be edited in terms of placement and size of widgets. Once saved it is stored to the user profile to ensure consistent experience between sessions.

All filtering and sorting capabilities are available and moreover you can sort and filter based on Thing Type. This view is the start page when you log into the App Board and is always reached by clicking the logo in upper left corner.


The geo-filter is a powerful tool that enables quick and intuitive filtering using a map. To add a geo- filter, select “Location” in the filter section and draw an area (polygon) by marking its corners. The filter is applied once the area is completed (closed area) and it will return all things in the marked area.

While marking the area, you are able to scroll in the map (move the covered map area) and also zoom in/zoom out in the map. This makes it easy to zoom in to mark a specific street or point as border for the filter, yet at the same time enabling you to incorporate large areas in the geo-filter.

Geo-filter is not applied to the Thing Credentials widget.

Thing Type custom fields

Functionality to define a bespoke set of custom fields (meta data) for Thing Types and edit this data for individual Thing Types has been added. At this stage, the custom fields need to be defined by Telenor Connexion, but in later releases we will add support in App Board for this.

Typical use case is to add additional description, capacities, etc for the Thing Type.

Customizable widget with dynamic content

The dynamic widget type gives you the power to design your own widgets for the Thing Dashboard.

Using “markdown”-language (similar to HTML), you can combine text with resource data and meta- data and apply formatting to e.g. display values in a table. When editing a dynamic widget, an instant preview is displayed to simplify the design work.

Support for Life Cycle Events

Life Cycle Events are special MQTT events created by Cloud Connect when selected domain objects are created, updated or deleted. A common use case for Life Cycle Events is to trigger functionality or workflows in external systems when information managed by Cloud Connect is modified.

Please note that Life Cycle events are currently only implemented for Thing, Thing Type and Thing Batch (create only).

Major improvements in Observations indexing

A major upgrade and improvement of how Observations are indexed has been implemented. This improves flexibility for resource names and the corresponding indexes and gives a better user experience for use cases related to observation data.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Responsiveness for Phones/Tablets: When using a small screen, a new side bar menu replaces the top menu. In the mobile menu, the user profile is placed under Settings. In All Events page you can now filter on all Events that needs acknowledgement
  • Sorting of Things in Thing list is now case insensitive
  • Sorting of Domains in Domain list is now case insensitive
  • Filtering is now case insensitive
  • All sortable table columns now have icons indicating the direction of sorting in the table
  • By default the following widgets are added to the Thing Type Dashboard: Map, Events, Thing Credentials