Version 2.31 (2018-09-18)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Domain Level Branding

In the branding configuration of the App Board, a domain selector has been added to allow configuration of domain specific branding. For a logged in user that belong to a domain with specific branding, the logo and color is affected. For subdomains without branding specified, the nearest parent domain with branding configured will be used. Please note that the root level branding will always be used on the login screen.

As before, root level access with read/write permission is needed to configure branding settings.

Different graphical marker for last received coordinate when the map widget is used in “historical trace”-mode

A different graphical marker for the last received position is now used when the map widget is viewed in “historical trace”-mode, to make it easier to distinguish the last known position from the historical data.

Configurable interval for aggregates

In widgets displaying aggregated data (e.g. time series widgets in Thing and Thing Type dashboards), the aggregation interval can now be configured. The default aggregation interval is 3 hours, but this can be adjusted to suit the characteristics of the specific resource and the intended usage of the widget. This settings is useful for scenarios where the frequency of the data is known and can be taken into consideration – i.e. using a 24h aggregation for cyclical data with the period of 24 h will result in a loss of potentially valuable information.

Status endpoint in the API for the TCP Proxy over MQTT

A new API endpoint for querying the status of a proxy connection based on thing name has been added. The information returned by the status call includes bytes read/written, the ip-address of the connected device, and the used port.

Logging of observations with unexpected data type

If a thing sends an observation using the wrong data type (the data type for observation differ from the resource’s configuration in MIC), that data is not indexed. With the new release, such errors are published on the Event API, and can be browsed using the Event user interface in App Board.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Added “de-bounce” delay in the thing search field in the file browser (to avoid triggering a new search for each key-press).
  • Fixed issue with rule descriptions sometimes not being properly indexed.
  • Added optional query scope parameter “thingTypes” to the Observation Find API, to allow limiting the query to a specific Thing Type and its underlying index.
  • Removed now obsolete “password” parameter from documentation for User API Create.