Version 2.14 (2017-06-28)


Name change: Cloud Connect becomes Managed IoT Cloud

From this release Cloud Connect has a new name, Managed IoT Cloud (MIC). URLs have been updated, new format is Old URLs (format are still working (re-direct) and will do so in foreseeable future. Documentation and specifications have been updated too. API specifications and other technical documentation are now found here:

Set resource value as a rules action

We have added a new action to rules: Setting of a resource value. This means triggering of a rule can change the value of a resource e.g. if temperature goes below 19 degrees Celsius and outdoor temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, turn on the heater. Adding this type of automation, implies that rule actions need to be selected carefully to prevent infinite loops. To assist, we have added automatic loop detection to prevent creating fast loops.

  • Within a certain Thing Type you are not allowed to choose a set action for a resource that is used in any rule condition criteria for that Thing Type
  • Likewise, you cannot use a resource in a rule condition criteria, if that resource is used in any rule set action for that Thing Type
  • Exception: If the rule triggering is set to Once or is less frequent than 30 seconds, it will be allowed to use the set action for the resource

The loop detection is not in run time, but when rules are created. If a loop is detected while saving the rule, a message will be displayed specifying conflicting rules.

Resource Schema improvements

Filtering on resource data type is now available. This is used in resource selectors in App Board (widgets and Analyze) to only present relevant resources. E.g. for a time series widget, only numerical resources are selectable.

Updated format for the Thing API Payload Conventions

For the TCXN payload convention, we have flattened the structure by removing the nesting. New format is found in the Thing API spec available on the documentation site ( The old format is considered deprecated, but will be supported in parallel with the new format in foreseeable future. Customers using the old format will be involved before deciding on last date of support.

Thing API TCXN Payload Conventions now available for use is App Board

We have enabled use of the TCXN Payload Convention resources in Widgets, Analyzer and Filter in App Board.

New Cloud API added: Resource API

Resource API is used to manage Thing Type resources. At this point GET command is available.

LoRa gateway authentication

We have added support to manage gateway authentication from App Board (and API). To connect a new LoRa gateway, you first define the new Thing Type for LoRa gateway, it must be named “Gateways”. Then you create LoRa gateways in this Thing Type and you specify the Thing Type resource EUI to be the MAC address of the LoRa gateway. Now, you control the gateway´s ability to connect by toggling the resource “allowed” on/off.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Telenor Connexion demo environment has been updated. Old things and resources not in use have been removed.
  • Improved performance of the All Things filter in App Board
  • Increased test coverage of automated end-to-end tests.
  • Fixed issue with Rule name & Rule description disappearing under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with default values in Rule edit
  • Fixed visualization issue in Thing Dashboard for new things not yet connected.
  • Fixed issue with Last modified time stamp in files widget
  • Fixed issue with resource name appearing to be editable in set resource widget
  • Fixed issue with LoRa downlink transform
  • Fixed Issue with edit Analyze
  • Fixed issue with the Thing Type filter in All Things Dashboard
  • Fixed issue with Sub-things not being displayed under certain circumstances


Documentation, including release notes, API specs and more are always available here: (used to be