Version 2.15 (2017-08-24)


Configurable Things lists

We have added capabilities to configure what columns to show in the Thing lists (All Things list and Thing Type Things list) in App Board. The user can select what information to show and also arrange the order of the columns.

Default information showed in list (in order):

  • (TYPE - only shown in All Things List)

Additional selectable information:


The list will scroll left-right if more columns than fits the screen is selected.

For All Things list the list configuration is stored to the current user. For Thing Type Things list, the list configuration is stored to the View Mode, available to all other users using that View Mode.

Things lists can show resources

In this release we add capability to select resources to be shown in the lists columns. Any available resource can be selected and saved when configuring the list.

Improved File API

The File API now support up- and download of very large files.

  • Add a file - PUT file. Yoy get back an URL which is valid for upload of a file for 15 min.
  • Get a file - Added functionality to GET file. Response gives a URL to the file being available in 15 minutes.
  • Remove a file - REMOVE deletes the file.
  • Improved LIST method to ensure only files that you have permission to see are listed.

PUT_THING_IMAGE and REMOVE_THING_IMAGE are kept as before.

Improved User API

We have added an option to include user data in the User API requests GET and LIST. This means, if the requesting user has the permission, user information from other users can be requested.

Improved support for customizing user email

We have added support for different email versions for different users. You can now have emails in different languages for different users.

  • Any language can be used and many different languages can be used at the same time
  • The email templates are designed by you and can have HTML formatting and CSS styling
  • The email templates are added with the file API (details documentation on the MIC documentation site
  • The User API have a new property “locale” where you specify the users language
  • English is always the default fallback language

Please note that App Board is not supporting setting language at this point, but it is planned for in future releases.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Improved documentation and added example code for LoRa integrations (Mediator)
  • Improved performance of domain related queries
  • Improved usability by moving Rules configuration from modal to separate page in App Board
  • Automation of documentation
  • Added versioning to S3 enables restoration of previous versions of the files, e.g. if a file is deleted or overwritten by mistake