Version 2.3 (2016-08-25)


Events page

Events page where all existing events can be viewed by classification is now available. You get to this page by clicking “Show all” on any events widget.

Events can be filtered by time and if applicable for the specific event, it can be acknowledged when action is taken.

In addition, Events widgets can be added both in Thing Type Overview and in Thing Overview.

Improved Things filtering

The Things filter has been improved with the following capabilities

  • Filtering on multiple domains
  • Add multiple filter records
  • Filter is saved/persisted per Thing Type, i.e. if you do a filtering on Thing Type A, then go to Thing Type B and do another filtering, when you come back to Thing Type A the filtering set for A is used.

Observation API improvement

The Find Observation API is improved to handle unlimited number of things and larger timespans.

Unless you use term queries in your query, everything will work the same way as it did before. If you use a term query to filter based on domain (as described in the API documentation), you need to change the type from inventory to thing_mapping.

Thing Types becomes domain sensitive

Thing Types are now connected to domains, meaning that you specify a domain when creating the Thing Type. This enables the Thing Type to be used in that domain and all sub domains, but also enables “hiding” of Thing Types for parallel domains (and their respective sub domains).

Browser support

In this release we have improved the user experience for browsers in general, and especially for Internet Explorer 11. This means it is now possible to use later versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and MS Edge.

Recommended browsers are still later version of Chrome & Safari, they give the best user experience.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Improved styling and sorting of lists in Settings section
  • Consistent sorting of domain tree
  • Progress indicator is now displayed when a list is loading
  • Back button added in Thing Overview page
  • Observation period picker has been improved on usability and design
  • Consistent look and feel for maps in different widgets
  • General usability and user interface improvements
  • Upgraded React to version 15.0
  • Increased test coverage of automated tests
  • Fixed issue with Thing index becoming out of sync with Thing shadow under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with saving a widget position when using a small screen (< 1050 pixels)
  • Fixed issue with updating of domains
  • Fixed issue with domain information not being displayed in widgets