Version 2.8 (2016-12-14)


New user account data and management

With release 2.8, Cloud Connect migrate to a new user management system, and functionality for password recovery, self-signup and more, as described below, will be added. Since user account passwords are encrypted, they cannot be migrated to the new infrastructure and need to be changed.

Hence, as part of the upgrade procedure, all users will receive an email message with instructions on how to update their password before being able to login again. It is therefore important that all users have a valid email address stored for their user account. We kindly ask you to verify the email addresses for your user(s) account(s) prior to the upgrade.

If you miss the mentioned email, please use the “Forgot password” functionality as described below to recover your password.

“Forgot password” functionality on login page

Functionality that allows a user to recover their password if it was forgotten is introduced. This function can be accessed from the login page, and given a valid user name, an email message with further instructions for how to reset the password will be sent to the email address specified for the user account. Triggering the “forgot password” functionality will not enforce a password change before the next login.

Reset password functionality in user settings

In user settings, the “change password” checkbox and fields has been replaced with a “Reset password” button. Pressing this button will trigger an email to the selected user with instructions on how to change their password. The reset password functionality will enforce a password change before the next login.

Enabled and disabled users

Since release 2.8, user accounts can be set to either an “enabled” or “disabled” state. Disabled users are not allowed to login, but are otherwise intact. This setting is accessible per user in the user settings table.

Validated self-sign up functionality

A self-sign up mechanism has been added to Cloud Connect. The sign up functionality is not turned on by default, but can be activated by Telenor Connexion upon request.

When activated, a “sign up” link will be available on the login screen. To register as a Cloud Connect user, a visitor on the login page can fill in his or her account details, and verify the provided email address.

When this step is completed, the new user account will be visible (but not yet activated) in user settings, where an existing user with read/write access to the root-domain can activate the account by assigning a domain and a role to it.

The signup, email verification, and administrator approval through domain and role assignment is supported by email notifications sent as applicable to the new user and to existing Cloud Connect users with read/write access to the root domain.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Several improvements and corrections in the “Analyze” resource selector and graph
  • Improved forms for widget configuration
  • Added a content type header ("Content-type": "application/json") to webhook requests
  • Improved resizing/scaling of images uploaded in the Thing Summary
  • Improved behavior for “real-time” updates of search results while entering a filter criteria

Known issues

When a new thing type is created and populated with things and observation data, the thing dashboard remains empty by default. To create an auto generated dashboard with widgets for all available resources, please use the “Reset the current dashboard to the current resources” button, available in dashboard edit mode.