Version 2.19 (2017-11-16)

Important notices

Changes to the APIs due to upgrade of Elasticsearch

As previously announced, since release 2.18 MIC has support for Elasticsearch versions 2.3 and 5.5. During an interim period intended to facilitate migration to Elasticsearch 5.5, the version used for each individual Customer account can be configured. The upgrade will impact the Observation API, Thing API and Event API since these APIs allow developers to query Elasticsearch directly, and there are differences in the Elasticsearch query syntax between the two versions. Depending on how these APIs are used, updated queries might be required in bespoke applications.

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, are available at


Improved pagination in App Board

The pagination of Thing lists has been improved. Each list’s state is saved, meaning that when navigating between different screens in MIC, the lists will automatically remember the previous page and sorting setting. The state is stored for each list separately and retained until the user logs out or apply a new filter for a specific list.

Improved validation of SMS messages

The validation of SMS text message has been improved. Since the details of the SMS text is created when a rule is triggered and can include data e.g. from the Thing (like the latest observation value), the validation takes place just before the message is sent. Any invalid characters are dropped, and if the message is longer than 160 characters, it is truncated to 160 characters including the text “.truncated”.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Harmonized buttons in rule edit. The “Add”-button (or “Update”-button depending on the mode of the dialogue) is now displayed in both the top and bottom of the form.
  • Improved handling of timeout messages in App Board.
  • Fixed issue with the whole Filter bar and Thing summary bar not being sensitive to expand/collapse.
  • Fixed issue with default view mode selection.