Version 2.39 (2019-03-26)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


GraphQL general available – Conclusion of beta period

We now conclude our GraphQL beta period and make it general available. The development of the GraphQL API have been ongoing during several releases, and the API has been open for exploration in the beta state during this period. Several Customers and Partners have kindly tried out the APIs and contributed much appreciated feedback that has been incorporated in the API design with this release. Thanks!

During the beta period, we have gradually started using the new APIs for our own App Board and validated that the API is useful and stable. In 2.39 we are therefore releasing the GraphQL APIs for production use. New endpoints and additions will be added as we continue to evolve the MIC product.

Please note that certain endpoints are intended for App Board only. These APIs should not be used for other purposes by external developers, as they may be locked down in the future.

The release includes a few minor updates, wherof the most important is added support for externalId as identification parameter in thing and allThings queries.

Once again, thanks to all of you who have contributed valuable feedback during the beta stage!

App Board View Modes - second generation

In this release we introduce a whole new generation of View Mode. We will improve the functionality over a few releases with the goal to make View Modes at the same more flexible and easier to use.

Functionality introduced in version 2.39

  • Personal View Modes - a user can now create personal View Modes, not visible to other users
  • Domain specific View Modes
  • Default View Mode - you can now specify which View Mode shall be default for all users who not have done an active choise
  • A new buttom to create a new View Mode “+ VIEW MODE”
  • Editing the View Mode is split into two separate actions. The existing “pen” symbol is now used to save the View Mode and edit the View Mode meta-data. A new symbol is introduced to arrange the dashboard and its widgets (this used to be under the pen symbol too) and saving the current View Mode under the same name. To save the View Mode under a new name, the “pen” has to be used.

From before we have support for General View Modes. They are connected to the Thing Type and available to all users with access to the specific Thing Type. With the 2nd generation of View Modes any View Mode saved on the Thing Type domain level will be a General View Mode.

The Thing Type API have been updated and View Modes are not available in this API anymore. The corresponding documentation have been updated.

Improved webhook retry functionality

We have improved the webhook retry functionality to enable both better scale and usability. For a webhook you can now specify whether to activate retry or not. When activating, you specify these parameters

  • Interval (sec) - The time before the first retry attempt (1 to 600 sec)
  • Backoff rate - A multiplier (1-4) by which the retry interval increases on each attempt
  • Max attempts - The maximum number of retry attempts (1 to 5)

Webhook retry is available in both the API and App Board. A supporting time scale GUI has been added in App Board to visualize the retries and simplify configuration.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Improved user experience in App Board when setting a value for a Thing resource. The arrow indicating setting is in progress will be shown until the Thing confirms the set resource command by setting desired state to “null”. A tooltip for the arrow will say “Waiting for Thing to mark setting as accepted”.
  • Fixed App Board issue with capital letters in Thing Types search function under Settings / Thing Types.
  • Fixed App Board issue with deleting a Thing image.
  • Fixed App Board issue with sorting of in resources dropdown selection in Rule create/edit.
  • Fixed App Board issue with domains dropdown in filter being misplaced during half a second.
  • Fixed issue with tcxn convention resources of the old format not being supported in some areas.