Version 2.37 (2019-02-12)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release Notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


Additional system information displayed in App Board About-page and in Manifest

In release 2.32, new AWS IoT end-points using the Amazon Trust Services (ATS) signed server certificates was introduced. This end-point is listed in the Managed IoT Cloud Manifest file and in relevant documentation (e.g.

Additionally, the system information displayed in the App Board About page has been expanded to include API end-point urls and other useful information.

API parameter to lock data types in Thing Type data model

The data model for a Thing Type in Managed IoT Cloud is automatically generated based on the observations sent from the Things. Every month, a new index holding the observation data is created. This sometimes had unwanted effects, i.e. if the first observation for a new month had a different data type compared to the data type recorded for the resource in the previous month.

To allow control of this, a new property, “lockMappings”, has been added to the Thing Type API. When this parameter is set to true, the data type mappings for the Thing Type is maintained over time, regardless of the data type used for the first observation of a specific month. If on the other hand, this property is set to false, the data type mappings of a resource could change for future indices, if the first observation in a new month is of a different type than what was used in the previous month.

Rules Event action now optional in App Board rule configuration

When configuring rules in the App Board, the “Event” action was previously attached to each rule by default, and not possible to remove.

With the new release, the event action is optional, and handled just like the other rule actions, that can be optionally added for a rule.

Please not that each rule need at least one action to be valid, and that rules with “trigger once” need to have an event with the “need acknowledgement” flag set.

Advanced permissions (beta)

Continued work with advanced permissions, including user interfaces and APIs. For details, please see the documentation at

GraphQL (beta)

The GraphQL API is currently in beta, undergoing testing and validation in parallel with work to migrate the App Board to the GraphQL APIs. Customer feedback on the beta is of course welcome!

Minor improvements and corrections

  • The REST API documentation has been reviewed and updated with a number of minor corrections and clarifications.