Version 2.35 (2018-12-11)

Important notices

Technical documentation available online

All technical documentation for Managed IoT Cloud, including API specifications, Release notes and Getting Started Guides, are available online:


GraphQL API (Beta release - minor updates and additions should be expected)

We now release GraphQL (beta) as a new Cloud API to interact with MIC. GraphQL is a query and manipulation language for API data. It provides a powerful and flexible approach to building web clients and applications. Included in the beta release is graphiql which is an in-browser IDE for exploring all available queries and mutations. To read more about GraphQL and get an intro to queries and mutations:

Note that changes to the API can be expected and end-points will be added. Please email developersupport for questions or feedback. First version of documentation is available on

GraphQL and REST API will exist side by side.

NOTE! One GraphQL query may correspond to multiple requests (Cloud API Requests, which is a pricing component of MIC). Details can be found in the online documentation.

Advanced Permissions (under development, minor API changes and additions should be expected)

Minor updates in the Permission API

  • Changed method from PUT to PATCH for roles endpoint
  • Changed method from PUT to PATCH for privileges endpoint

Please see the online documentation for further details about the Permission API.

Minor improvements and corrections

Numerous minor enhancements and bug fixes are delivered by the new release, including:

  • Improved identification of Things in the NB-IoT integration by ensuring the MIC ThingID is present in the NB-IoT integration server
  • Fixed issue with URL in the set password email - the token in the URL is now URL-encoded
  • For Resource settings fields for dropdown (in Thing Type management in App Board) we have optimized validation to enable setting any values for the resource
  • Fixed issue with set resource in Rules with Observation timestamp in the condition